Solar panels

A solar power plant is a ready-made engineering system for converting solar energy into alternating current, a set of equipment and materials. The system's main components are solar batteries, an inverter, and fasteners. Additional components for your houes will be selected depending on your tasks.

Solar panels are installed on a private house, cottage, office, warehouse, or land plot roof. Solar installation by Spring House Roofing, Siding, and Windows is a service that includes an on-site technician (Spring House, PA area), measurements, engineering calculation, equipment selection, equipment delivery and installation, connection, start-up, and system verification. The efficiency, safety, and durability of solar panels depend on the quality of installation. At the stage of calculations, specialists take into account the electrical and mechanical characteristics of the equipment. They analyze the roof, the angle of inclination, the side of the light, and the multidirectional solar fields for installation. Therefore, it is essential to entrust the installation of the solar station to professionals. Specialists of Spring House Roofing, Siding, and Windows have obtained higher education, passed certified training from manufacturers of solar energy equipment, and have extensive work experience.

Benefits of solar panel installation

  • Safety and environmental friendliness. Solar panels do not pose a danger to the environment, do not pollute the atmosphere, etc.;
  • An inexhaustible source of energy. Experts in this industry predict that solar power will not run out for at least 5 billion years. This is more than enough, especially when compared with oil, coal, or gas reserves;
  • Large volumes of energy for use; The production of electricity at solar stations allows you to reduce the costs of electricity supply significantly.
  • If the supply of energy from alternative stations is appropriately organized, the received power will be sufficient for all needs;
  • Lightness and convenience in obtaining energy. Solar systems do not require severe labor costs as, for example, oil or gas extraction. Solar systems generate energy with almost no human intervention;
  • Availability almost throughout the territory. It is possible to obtain solar energy almost anywhere on the globe, the only exception being the land in the extreme north, where daylight lasts only a few hours a day;
  • Ease of operation. Correctly installed solar systems require almost no technical inspection, and the panels work for an average of 25 years; From the moment of commissioning, the solar station will work effectively for at least a quarter of a century.
  • Solar panels have long-term savings in the long run. Businesses are investing heavily in installing solar systems. After the payback of the solar systems, companies receive a net profit.
  • It is safe to say that solar power plants are safe for home and industrial use. It is necessary to understand that the transition to solar batteries is the future that is actively used worldwide. If you decide to install solar panels, you can do it safely. They do not represent a threat or harm. Solar panels for the home are made from excellent and safe materials that do not harm the general state of the environment. In addition, they must fully comply with established environmental standards when discovering new ways of producing solar energy. As proof, quality solar panels meet the strict standards of all requirements.
  • Modern solar batteries are one of the ways to improve the environment. It is solar power plants that do not pollute the soil and atmosphere.

Why choose us?

For our clients, Spring House Roofing, Siding, and Windows provide comprehensive consultations on the creation of stations; we help make the necessary calculations.

We are developing a complex project for the construction of solar power plants.

Construction of stations
We take on the process of creating a station: from equipment and materials to construction and installation, commissioning, and testing.

Monitoring, service, and operation
We regularly monitor equipment operation and operation and ensure the efficient operation of solar power plants.

Warranty service
All manufacturers' warranty obligations are retained.

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