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Siding replacement

If you live in PA and surrounding areas and think you might need to replace your siding, we advise that you call us to help you check if indeed you need our siding replacement services.

We cannot overemphasize how important your siding is to preserving the structural integrity of your home. It has the burden of protecting the underlying structure of your home from weather, insects, water, and other threats, and it is critical to always be sure that it is up to its job.

Not only does damaged siding make your home look less appealing than it should, but it can also allow moisture to get in, and thus compromises the structural integrity of your home. This can potentially cause mold, which can cause or compound serious health issues.

Here are a few pointers to the fact that your siding is going past its prime and needs to be replaced:

• It needs painting more often than usual: If your painting is lasting less than six years rather than the normal 8 – 10 years, it is a sign of siding decay. Once the paint starts to chip, peel, or crack often, it’s time to get that siding replaced.

The best time to replace your siding

• It is rotting or warping: If you discover that your siding is warped, you can use a screwdriver to check if it is soft or spongy by pressing the screwdriver under the siding. If it is soft or spongy, rot has begun, and it is time to replace the siding.

• It is cracked or loose: Finding the occasional loose board is not a problem but when you start finding more than a few loose or cracked boards, it is time for siding replacement.

• You discover mold or mildew: Discovering mold, fungus or mildew is an indication that water is penetrating and getting trapped inside the wall. It might be time to replace the siding in such a case.

Other reasons why you might need a siding replacement is if you discover bubbled siding, holes in the siding, and/or blistering wallpaper or peeling paint inside the house.

If you’re not very about whether or not your siding needs to be replaced, why not have us check it out so that we can recommend repairs or replacement. We, at Spring House, are all about giving our customers satisfaction for a job well done.

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