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Reasons to go Metal!

More and more homeowners are choosing metal roofing as the material of choice when it comes to roofing, and the reasons why they are making this choice is because of the many benefits that metal roofing offers that other roofing choices don’t. Spring House is a multi-dimensional roof service provider in PA specializing in metal roofing amongst many other specialties. There are a number of reasons that we encourage our clients to consider metal roofing, key among which are:

• Durability: If properly maintained, metal roofs can last you for more than 60 years. This is because they have the ability to resist rust, rot and insects, and are almost impenetrable. This makes it an ideal choice for homeowners who have in the past had problems with impact damage from hailstones and tree branches. You don’t have to spend as much on re-roofing or replacement subsequently, and this translates into an affordable price (cost) in roofing maintenance over the years.

• Low maintenance: If you have a metal roof, you won’t spend as much time and as much money on maintenance as you would if you have asphalt shingles roof, which means cost savings for you in the long run.

More benefist of metal roofing

• Environmentally friendly: If you are concerned about the environment, metal roofing is the way to go because new metal roofing usually contains more than 50% recycled content. What more, discarded metal roofing is 100% recyclable. This means that your choice of metal roofing helps slow down landfill congestion.

• Lightweight-ness: Spring House can easily install a new metal roof over the roof deck of your existing asphalt shingle roof without needing to add extra support. We will thus save you the cost of tear-off and disposal.

• Elite and stylish: Metal roofing offers homeowners a variety of stylish and elite options. Spring House will help you keep the integrity of your home’s architectural style while building your metal roofing to mimic other roofing materials such as slate, clay tiles and wood shakes; and you still get to enjoy the benefits of metal roofing. A few cons of metal roofing are noisiness during heavy rain or hailstorm and a high installation cost, but if you don’t mind a little noise and plan to stay in your home for long enough to enjoy the cost benefits, by all means, go for a metal roofing. If you are considering a metal roofing for your home, Spring House offers excellent services in PA and many areas around PA. We have been installing metal roofing for decades and have hundreds of satisfied clients to show for it. We will like you to become another satisfied client.

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