Nichiha Wall Panels

Spring House works only with the best of the best materials in the construction market, and because of this, we are very discriminatory when it comes to our choice of manufacturers.

We use Nichicha products, MBCI products as well as James Hardie products, to mention a select few. Nichicha offers the highest quality architectural wall panels and premium siding products. Their architectural wall panels are made of strong fiber cement that is revolutionizing the construction industry while their premium siding products had given customer after customer a jaw-dropping curb appeal without driving up maintenance costs. There is a Nichiproduct to help achieve most homeowners’ dream, every one of them, and we are proud to have used Nichicha’s products for more than 20 years to build a clientele base that is very satisfied.

MBCI Metal Wall Panels

We are also loyal to MBCI, who has over the years, provided us with quality metal products. This company offers more than 90 metal roof and metal wall panels, offering construction companies the largest selection in the construction industry. This means that we almost always find what we need for clients, no matter how rare or scarce, and thus always get client’s project completed…just the way that they like it.

James Hardie also offers us a wide range of sidings, all of which are superbly crafted and rigorously maintained. We also patronize less well known but as equally as brilliant manufacturers of roofing, siding and other construction materials.

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