Copper roofing

Today, one of the most versatile and reliable roofs is copper, which, compared to its direct competitors, has higher performance indicators, is relatively easy to install or preventively paint, and is resistant to various conditions, latitudes, and damage.

Copper is an elite material, so copper roofing is popular in PA. With its excellent quality features and exceptionally long service life, we can say that the prices at Spring House Roofing, Siding, and Windows are excellent and affordable for quality material.

A copper roof is a sign of high status in society. Therefore high-quality materials should be used during its installation, as well as the appropriate level of specialists and equipment. Copper roofing has a service life of more than 150 years; therefore, copper roof is practically an eternal material. With correctly performed complex installation works and periodic prevention of joints, it can be increased by one and a half to two times.

Advantages of copper roofing:

  1. Copper is a unique metal with many important qualities that other roofing materials do not have.
  2. It is light and flexible, does not require painting or additional care, has high anti-corrosion properties, and can withstand a significant temperature difference (from -70 to +150ºС). In addition, copper is an ecologically clean material, safe for the environment and human health.
  3. Over time, the copper roof acquires a beautiful and noble green color - covered with patina, a non-toxic natural protective layer.
  4. The copper can be of an aristocratic emerald shade at the customer's request. If the copper roof is mounted professionally and hermetically, its service life is not limited to 100 years; it can be increased by 2-3 times.
  5. A properly designed and installed drainage system of a copper gutter allows for quick drainage of stormwater from the roof and foundation, which will extend the overall service life of ceilings and facing materials several times.
  6. Copper gutters successfully cope with this task: they are easy to use, reasonably cheap, reliable, and functional. Having a laconic design, they perfectly fit into the facade of any building.
  7. If we talk not only about the functional but also the aesthetic component, the copper roofing gives the roof a unique charm.

Why choose us?

Our highly qualified specialists will help you create a roofing project that best meets your wishes and your type of building, and our artisans will quickly install it.

A comprehensive approach to roof installation allows Spring House Roofing, Siding, and Windows to provide optimal prices with consistently high quality. Our company's consultants have vast practical experience in roofing design and roofing works, using the most modern roofing materials. Our specialists will take care of calculations, selecting necessary materials, and installing your roof.

By contacting our company, you receive materials perfectly combined in terms of design and technical characteristics.

Spring House Roofing, Siding, and Windows offer favorable terms of cooperation, a wide range of products sold, and a democratic price policy. The company is ready to provide the entire range of profile roofing works at a qualitatively high level. Warranty obligations to the client accompany all work.

We use a professional approach to our business and the quality of the services and materials offered. All roofing materials we provide our customers are certified according to the American standard.

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