Cedar Roofing

Eco-friendly roof for your home

At Spring House, we are all about recyclable materials as well as eco-friendly and renewable resources. We have a moral duty to help slowdown landfill congestion, and this is one of the reasons why we so much enjoy installing cedar roofs for our elite clients. While it is the aesthetic appeal of cedar roofing that originally draws the majority of homeowners to it, this style of roofing has lots of advantages. Here are some of them:

• Sustainability: Wood is one of the world’s very few sustainable building products. This means that a cedar roof is a recyclable, eco-friendly and renewable resource, and is the number one choice of roofing for environmentally conscious homeowners.

• Safety: While cedar may still be wood, it is a lot more fire resistant than other wood shingles are because most manufacturers of cedar roofs use fire-resistant chemicals for preservation.

• Durability: Cedar roofing systems are usually durable, have a high insulation worth, and are resistant to wind and hail impact. However, to guarantee that you as a homeowner are getting all these advantages of cedar roofing at the highest level, you need to make sure that your roof is set up by a qualified roofing business. Spring House will ensure that you get all these benefits at the most competitive price if your home is located in PA and environs.

Great customization options

Depending on your choice, we can stain your cedar roof in a variety of different colors to help produce the tone that you feel best chooses your aesthetic. This is an added advantage if you ever need to replace damaged or broken shakes, as there is less of a need to match a batch/factory color with your replacements. A cedar roofing system may be an extra cost investment in terms of installation and subsequent maintenance but, it is definitely worth it for the many benefits it offers in the upcoming years.

If you have weighed the pros and cons and are considering a cedar roofing for your home, Spring House offers excellent roofing services in PA and its surroundings. We will have your stunning cedar roof up in no time, and at a competitive cost.

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